Beyoncé’s depressing photograph of drunk Dubliner is food for thought

Beyoncé’s tumblr blog contains a number of striking images from her recent trip to Dublin. Among them are photographs from her concert but also some Dublin street scenes, ones featuring smiling schoolgirls, men in giant leprechaun suits and some of the city’s famed street performers in action.

One picture stood out more than the others, and it is one many Dublin residents will be used to seeing: a man, contorted and asleep in a doorway, quite obviously the result of paralysing drunkenness.


The man may be homeless. He may be a drug addict. He may be an alcoholic. He may be all three. Or maybe he drinks once a year and was unlucky that this photo was snapped by one of the world’s biggest pop stars while he was experiencing his annual hangover.

But whatever the story is behind this particular man and this image, it would appear to be indicative of a general problem with drink and drugs in Irish society that needs to be addressed.


Dublin City Council in caring more about money than parking violations shocker


Your eyes do not deceive you. Dublin council has indeed given its squadron of clampers figures to meet, as if they were salesmen flogging tupperware and not responsible for making Dublin streets safer and better.

Workers are expected to clamp at least 2,800 vehicles during the year in order to earn their ‘bonus’ of €2,000.

Ex-Anglo Irish bankers have expressed interest in jobs in Dublin Council after the bonuses were announced.

Ex-Anglo Irish bankers expressed interest in jobs in Dublin Council after the bonuses were announced.

One wonders how much taxpayers’ money (and all of this is taxpayers’ money, lest we forget) will be wasted while clampers count down the final seconds until they are legitimate in attaching clamps to septuagenarians’ cars while they are in the local supermarket discussing the “rare oul’ times” with teenaged charity bag-packers.

Clampers will also be allowed sign off work early if they meet their quota, which means there is going to be a lot more fascism in people’s daily lives.

Perhaps when our political overlords create the utopia they are so feverishly trying to achieve – one where crime and minor traffic violations don’t exist – they’ll have to put guns to our heads to extract the necessary taxes.

The money was only resting in his account!

Fr. Anthony Egan, the Franciscan priest who is accused of stealing half a million euro to fund his bizarre lifestyle, looks like being expelled from his order.

Here at With O’Leary in the Grave, we believe that people are innocent until proven guilty, and despite his looking more like an elderly X-Factor Judge than a priest, we are confident that – just like a certain Fr. Ted Crilly – the money was simply resting in his account.

So what kind of stuff is he alleged to have spent the money on? Clothes and shoes to begin with. Not really hard to blame him for this. After all, being a priest he’s probably spent his entire life in the closet and old habits die hard.

His interests also apparently include an obsession with the royal family of Monaco, the most prominent member of which is chrome dome prince, Albert II, and being a compulsive liar.

You wouldn't catch this man putting Jacob's Creek in his chalice of a Sunday.

You wouldn’t catch this man putting Jacob’s Creek in his chalice of a Sunday.

Some of the whoppers Egan is alleged to have told over the years include his claiming to be a psychiatrist (he often referred to himself as ‘Dr. Egan’), and his being an alumnus of Harvard, one of the most prestigious universities in the world. Harvard has no record of his attendance but we think this is an error on their part.

Forgetting the half a million for a minute though, it is heartening to see that 8 years after Charlie Haughey died his impeccable taste lives on in the hearts of at least a few Irishmen.